Wooden Sunglasses

Everyone wants stylish sunglasses, but no one wants to be left with uncomfortable plastic lenses! Our stylish, eco-friendly sunglasses are just as cool as any other, with a stylish and durable wooden frame.

You don’t have to choose between style and protection. Our wooden sunglasses are made of 100% sustainable wood, making them lightweight and durable. They’re also polarized and UV protective so you’re always ready for the sun.

Do you enjoy the feeling of a classic-looking and feeling pair of sunglasses? We’ve got you covered with our made-to-order sunglasses made from natural wood. We have lots of styles, colors, and sizes to suit any occasion.

Get ready to have your world turned upside down!

Looking for a stylish, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic sunglasses? We make the best durable, organic wood sunglasses that look great and won’t cut your nose!

Protect your eyes without sacrificing style. All our sunglasses are made of 100% wood and are durable, lightweight, and handcrafted with an artisanal touch. The unique design features natural variations in the wood grain that make each pair unique. They’re your perfect match for the beach, pool, or just about anywhere – so get ready to take on life head-on!

We want to show you the true meaning of “everything’s better in wood”. Say goodbye to plastic frames that never break, get dirty, or change color. Wood is a natural gift from the earth and it not only lasts a lot longer than its artificial counterpart, but it also makes you look good.

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BARCUR Natural Wooden Sunglasses For Men Polarized BC8215

Original price was: $189.68.Current price is: $96.76.

BARCUR Sunglasses Polarized Zebra Wood Glasses Hand Made Vintage BC8720

Original price was: $114.62.Current price is: $58.46.

BARCUR Wood Sunglasses Polarized UV400 Men Women BC7000

Original price was: $292.50.Current price is: $117.00.

BARCUR Trending Styles Rimless Wooden Sunglasses

Original price was: $157.37.Current price is: $62.96.

BARCUR Vintage Natural Black Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Original price was: $224.96.Current price is: $114.71.

BARCUR Polarized Wood Sunglasses Round Men Women BC7104

Original price was: $220.32.Current price is: $112.36.